Non-Emergency Medical Transport Services

Whether a family member is coming home from the hospital or needs to go to a doctor’s appointment, you can trust Highland Patient Transport get them there safely.

Highland Patient Transport Services

Wheelchair + Stretcher Access

All Highland vehicles have safe and easy wheelchair and stretcher accessible ramps. We have custom vehicles designed to ensure that you are securely taken to your destination.

Door-Through-Door Service

Our drivers provide door-through-door service. Whether that means assisting you into our vehicle, your appointment, or arriving promptly after your treatment to assist you with your return home.

Certified + Trustworthy Drivers

Unlike most transportation providers, every Highland driver is extensively trained and background checked. We are dedicated to making your safety our top priority.

Safety Is Our Priority

At Highland, your safety is our number one priority. Our employees are trained to ensure you have the safest ride to and from your appointments.

Senior Transportation

Highland provides a wide range of transportation solutions to make your commute as comfortable and safe as possible.

Scheduling Your Ride

With Highland you can reserve rides in advance. You can schedule your ride online or call our customer service center at (315) 254-6287 to discuss your plans.

Reach out, and we'll schedule your next ride.

Our team is on-call ready to schedule your ride. Have your medical information available, we may need it to book your ride. If you need a ride within 24 hours, please call 315-254-6287.